Yunel Escobar Has Homophobic Slur In His Eye Black

September 18, 2012 at 8:03 am by Terez in Toronto Blue Jays, Yunel Escobar

You can use Google translate T...

Here’s a little tip we received in the inbox this morning. “Look into Yunel Escobar of the Blue Jays this past weekend. On Saturday against Boston his eye black had the writing ”TU ERE MARICON” on it, which in English is ”you are a fag*ot” However, some people are also saying it means more of ’you are a wuss/baby’ type of thing. There’s probably a bunch of pics online of it. MLB is looking into it now” I was taught to believe maricon can mean only one thing. Thanks to Ryan, from Ontario, Canada for the scoop.-TO

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