Wrestling Legend Iron Sheik Throws Jake Gyllenhal Under the Bus

May 26, 2010 at 11:39 am by Terez in Iron Sheik

I won't listen to the Sheik Terez..I will listen to none of it..

Legendary professional wrestler The Iron Sheik is known for being the man Hulk Hogan defeated for his first WWF Championship...and for being one of the greatest villains of all time..now he occasionally pops up on the Howard Stern show..but due to technology allowing anyone to spout off or say anything (twitter) the Iron Sheik has his sights set on actor Jake Gyllenhaal..and his movie Prince of Persia..The Sheik gets down right nasty in scathing the film and its star..here’s a sample of his work “..prince of persia movie worst is worse than michael jackson. i am iran .he gay white son of a b*tch. i f&*k his ass make him humble” and that is one of the more tame tweets..To see the rest of his tweets click here..but you’re forewarned, the Sheik is crazy as hell. -TO

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