World Surf League Announces Equal Prize Money For Men And Women In 2019

September 5, 2018 at 4:09 pm by Terez in World Surf League

In statement released Wednesday, the league announced their commitment to prize pay equality along with its new 2019 schedule. The League is awarding fully equal prize money to male and female athletes for every WSL controlled event in the 2019 season and beyond, becoming the first and only U.S.-based global sports league and among those internationally to offer prize pay equality. This includes not just the elite Championship Tour, which has had prize money parity since 2014, but extends to the Longboard Tour, the Junior World Championships, and The Big Wave Tour which starts in October. “We’re very proud of this moment,” said World Surf League CEO Sophie Goldschmidt. “It’s a natural step for us, it’s been part of a long journey where we’ve continued to invest and increase our support of women’s surfing.” For 2018, the total prize purse for the WSL Championship Tour men’s events is $607,800 which gets shared among 36 athletes depending on how they finish. For women’s events, it’s $303,900 shared among 18 athletes. Per the league, competitors take home an average of $16,883 per event. – TO