WME/UFC/Zuffa’s Cut Of MacGregor Revealed

August 4, 2017 at 6:24 am by Terez in UFC

This comes to us via our Tip Box. “A close friend and long time WEC and Zuffa employee just told me and Jake Shields what Zuffa’s cut allegedly is….. 20% of his purse (his purse is rumored at 75 million) and 50% of Conor’s share of the PPV (Conor is getting 20% of the PPV) so Zuffa gets just shy of 19 mil plus 10% of the PPV $. so at 4 million buys the UFC gets 40 mil. Around $59 mil if all goes well and they hit 4 mil buys. Conor to get 95 mil if they reach 4 mil… short of May/PAC numbers (4.2-4.6) and 100+ if they equal or beat it.” regardless everyone is getting rich.-TO