Will March Madness Make Gus Johnson’s Head Explode?

March 26, 2010 at 11:51 am by Terez in College Hoops, Gus Johnson

College Basketball's Most Excitable Announcer

There are times when a fan can’t help but be concerned about Gus Johnson’s health. Yes, CBS probably has some sort of backup plan in place should its most excitable announcer’s head explode during a particularly dramatic overtime game. Still, it was hard not to worry about Johnson during Thursday night’s NCAA tournament action. Did Johnson have something to do with this? Sure. But while you can capture the audio experience of watching those games by going to this Gus Johnson soundboard and clicking the sound marked “OHHHHHHH!!!” -Wall Street Journal

If you’ve never seen a pic of Gus Johnson before, you would assume he’s a white guy..but not the case..He happens to be the best announcer in the biz..and for some real fun check out the link above to his soundboard.. -TO

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