Why is No One Asking Where is Tina Ball?

March 22, 2017 at 9:01 am by Terez in LaVar Ball

We posted this earlier in the week, about Lavar Ball’s wife Tina, who apparently is in the hospital. No one is asking LaVar Ball the tough questions, like why has his wife gone silent on Twitter since February 19th? Lavar preaches all about family, but we know Tina is 50% responsible for Lavar’s Billion dollar payout he’s looking for. Here’s what our source emailed us, ““Notice, she is not at any games, she is not at work, and she is not at home. Someone needs to ask the question, where is Tina? She is severely disabled and paralyzed on right side. Cannot talk and is questionable about her comprehension. Left side of her brain impacted with massive stroke, while at home on Feb. 21st. Lavar & Lonzo at the game with the other Ball boys – missed the surgery and post op. Did not come to hospital during or after surgery.” says our source. Someone needs to ask this loudmouth where the Mother of his children has been while he’s been smack talking his way to stardom.-TO