What Annoying “Celebrities” Will Be At Game 7

June 19, 2016 at 9:51 am by Terez in Main

Celebrities love the spotlight, and none bigger than game 7 of the NBA Finals tonight. So which stars are gonna try and steal them some publicity? Off jump this kook below loves him some attention.

#1 James Goldstein…his angle is acting like he’s “the biggest NBA Fan.”

Jay Z & Beyonce…Jay is like 55 and still can’t stay away from the spotlight, step off man, let some other fools get rich.  

#3 Drake..This dude might just genuinely love him some athletes, and their lorckerrooms.

#4 Floyd Mayweather…He needs attention like oxygen. 

#5 Justin  Bieber…Bieber is still struggling to beat off the soft kiddy pop singer image, any sporting event helps.

I’d say we get 3-5 right tonight, Game 7 can’t come fast enough.-TO