Welcome to the Gayrod Circus

May 9, 2009 at 10:49 am by Terez in A-Rod, Main, New York Yankees

Terez, you always get free admission to my circus

Terez, have you seen the bearded lady around..

BALTIMORE — Alex Rodriguez walked to the plate, and a dozen fans behind the screen swung into action. Holding giant foam syringes, they started with the taunts. Rodriguez answered them, all right. Back in the big leagues, the Yankees star launched the first pitch he saw deep into the left-field seats for a three-run homer Friday night.

That might have hushed his tormentors — for a moment. But baseball figures to face a much tougher time silencing the boos, jeers and doubts stirred up by Manny Ramirez and sport’s latest scandal from the Steroids Era. A day after the Los Angeles Dodgers slugger was suspended 50 games for using a banned drug, A-Rod returned to the scene. Off the disabled list from hip surgery, he played in the majors for the first time since admitting in February that he used steroids when he was with the Texas Rangers in 2001-03.

As he walked on the grass before the game, a fitting song played over the sound system at Camden Yards: ”Circus,” by Britney Spears. –Sun-Times

Gayrod is the ring leader of this steroid circus. I bet you he’s banging the bearded lady. -TO