Warriors Lost Two Straight and ESPN Never Showed Any Highlights of the Team’s that Beat Them

March 3, 2017 at 8:10 am by Terez in ESPN, Main

Even with Durant likely to miss the majority of the regular season, the Warriors maintain a firm grip on the top spot in our latest NBA Power Rankings. They also remain ESPN’s favorite. It’s like ESPN covers LeBron, Warriors, Tebow and Manziel. Other than that nothing else exists or matters. For instance, the Warriors dropped back to back games, and ESPN literally showed no highlights from the winning teams. We received this tip, ” I usually don’t even watch Sports Center but the today and yesterday I have had some free time and decided to just put it on in the background. Neither the Wizards nor the Bulls had any highlights during the game. Just the shots Curry missed. Really frustrating but it reminds me why I don’t watch this show any more” ESPN has lost so many subscribers, they don’t know what to do.-TO