War Machine Bagged and Tagged in San Diego Bar Brawl

March 31, 2010 at 7:55 am by Terez in MMA, War Machine

Terez, they bagged me so I couldn't spit at them anymore..

Our favorite UFC fighter turned porn star “War Machine” was arrested Tuesday night in Pacific Beach. The MMA fighter formerly known as  Jon Koppenhaver was involved in an altercation at Thrusters Lounge in  San Diego police said. According to the SD police he will face charges of assault with a deadly weapon..I have ran into War Machine once before, and lets just say he is the biggest psycho I have ever come across..Check out the pics below to see the path of destruction War Machine left at his last massacre. -TO

Former MMA Star War Machine Causes Massacre at Porn Party

Sneak Peek! MMA Fighter War Machine Goes Porn Machine!