Vince Young Requested 8,000 singles at Strip Bar to Make it Rain

October 26, 2011 at 8:02 am by Terez in Philadelphia Eagles, Vince Young

It's hot in here...need to make it rain T...

Philadelphia Eagles QB Vince Young has been known to make it rain a time or two…Here is the latest scoop on a incident from 2010 involving VY at a strip club.  “An Intoxicated Vince Young began cursing and making derogatory remarks to Creiton because Creiton refused to sell Vince Young $8,000 (Eight thousand dollars) in $1.00 (One dollar denominations) using Vince Young’s credit card. It was Vince Young intention to use the $1.00 bills to tip and throw money at the dancers who would entertain him and his party that evening.” Vince must have been heavily intoxicated if he threw a hissy fit over change…I guess it’s pretty harmless compared to killing dogs. -TO

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