Video- Guy Gets Caught Have Sex With Himself On Golf Hole

April 4, 2018 at 11:25 am by Terez in Terez T.V.

Talk about some straight f*ckey, this comes to us via the Internet. “Steven Gayton, an eyewitness, spotted the man gyrating on the green at Brackenwood Golf Course outside in Merseyside, North of Britain and uploaded the clip to social media. Footage shows the man lying facedown on the grass in the rain without a top on and his trousers around his knees. He can also be seen holding a 6ft flag pole to his backside while filming himself. In the video, a shocked Steven Gayton can be heard saying: ‘There’s a lad f*cking himself, filming it on his phone. He’s filming it on his phone, f*cking his own a**e. Look at that.”Watch the graphic video by CLICKING HERE.-TO