Vice president of Serbian club defends racist abuse of Brazilian player

February 23, 2017 at 10:16 am by Terez in Main, Soccer

The vice-president of Serbian club FK Rad Beograd, whose fans racially abused rival player Everton Luiz, has defended her team and launched a vile attack on the player saying he should: “Go back to Brazil and show your dark fingers to them”. “The whole story about this “big” Everton player and the stuff that happened on the game between Rad and Partizan is biased and sad,” she said in the post that has since been removed. “Apparently we have to respect others more than ourselves, to be proud when in the ‘TITO’ team (Partizan) has 7 foreign players. And then fake tears, fake ‘I love Serbia and I see it as my home’ story. “Well, why don’t you go back to Brazil and show your dark fingers to them and swear on Brazilians mothers and everything will be ok. “SAY NO TO RACISM (insert laughing emojis).” She has since deleted her Facebook post. Soccer hooligans in the front office too, not surprising.-TO