Verne Lundquist Took A Basketball To The Face Before The Notre Dame-West Virginia Game

March 19, 2017 at 7:18 am by Terez in College Hoops

During warmups before the Notre Dame-West Virginia game, a ball got away from West Virginia’s Tavon Meyers and drilled Verne Lundquist right in the face.  The semi-retired Lundquist shook it off like it was nothing, “Oh, that hurts on replay.  It’s a tougher sport than I thought.  That was Tavon Meyers, No. 0 at the time.  I got him back.  I went out and tore his jersey so he had to change to No. 22.  You gotta come tough and ready in these games.”  I enjoyed watching this almost as much as the woman sitting behind Lundquist did.- TO