UFC Bans McGregor Fan Who Jumped Into The Octagon At UFC 229

December 7, 2018 at 10:20 am by Terez in UFC

41-year-old David Martin is the Conor McGregor fan who ran into the Octagon during the madness that had erupted at the end of UFC 229. Martin, who said he went in the Octagon to make sure his fellow countryman had some protection, has been banned by the UFC from attending any events until further notice. – TO

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This evening (Dec 6th at 4:42pm PST) I received a "NOTICE of Action by Zuffa, LLC dba UFC" by email from UFC's Chief Legal Officer and Executive VP, banning me from future UFC events for entering the Octagon on October 6th. The two attached images are the letter from the @ufc and my official response to the UFC. Dear @danawhite I texted your assistant the night of and explained what happened. Heard nothing. Followed up a week later and I got nothing. I love the UFC, it's about the only sport I watch or attend. I love what you have done, your personality and what you do for the sport. So much that I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to be your (UFC's) digital agency. Not once but twice. The first time we won, there was that internal shuffle at Zuffa and we had to do all over again with WME a year later. And so we did and we won you again. For the passion of the sport and the company. Would have been nice to have had a heads up from you before this letter bounced in. Dear @dc_mma Did you get the same letter & ban? Your kids and wife are adorable. I meant what I said to you before the main event started. . . Dear @thenotoriousmma See you at Xmas at your gaff, I could do with a proper drink. Dear Wife (@c.a.m.i.f.y) and Mom Sorry. But you know I had to do what was right. Sincerely, David Martin

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