UCLA Star O’Bannon From Lottery Pick To Car Salesman

June 15, 2009 at 8:02 am by Terez in NBA, NCAA

Cmon T, can i put you in a Pruis

Cmon T, can i put you in a Prius

Ed O’Bannon, once the greatest college basketball player on the planet, the Wooden Award winner as the best men’s college basketball player in the country, a lottery pick by the New Jersey Nets, wound up here, in the middle of the desert, selling cars on commission for a living and still trying, at age 36, to reconcile this part of his life with the last part. “I refuse to look at any ‘what-ifs,’ because I love to sleep,” O’Bannon says, his 6-foot-8 frame clad in a Findlay Toyota-logoed polo shirt and a pair of khakis, “and if I looked at it that way, I’d have a lot of sleepless nights.” — Washington Post

He prolly can’t close on the lot either-TO