U.S. Open Broadcast Caught Convo Of Guy Talking About Violent Sex (VIDEO)

June 15, 2018 at 5:30 pm by Terez in U.S. Open

During FS1’s U.S. Open golf broadcast on Friday, lead announcer Joe Buck set up a shot from Patrick Reed and what should have been silence at that moment actually got pretty raunchy when a hot mic caught a candid conversation between a couple of guys on the green. Buck says “Here at 1, it’s Patrick Reed.” His voice then cuts out, and there seems to be some indistinct radio chatter.

Guy 1 says something about “a good pull.”

Guy 2: “That’s my ex.”

Guy 1: “Yeah, she’s hot.”

Guy 2: “That’s when we were fucking so hard, and I headbutted her in the head.”

Guy 1: “Sure.”

Guy 2: “And I smacked that bitch down.”

Guy 1: “Yeah, what actually happened, pal?”

Guy 2: “No, straight up. We kind of went in the [indistinct] position, and I was laying down…” – TO