Two Chicago Cubs Refused to Sign World Series Team Autographs

November 8, 2016 at 3:22 pm by Terez in Chicago Cubs


After 108 years the Chicago Cubs can once again finally call themselves Champions. With going all the way, comes the tedious task of signing autographs, and the memorabilia business for the Cubbies is hot, which makes this bit of news all the stranger. From our inside source who is one of Chicago’s main memorabilia dealers, “Only Two Chicago Cubs have refused to sign the team stuff, which includes balls, pictures, and several other pieces of merchandise. Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta and Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon chose not to take part in the signings. Arrieta reportedly turned down $250K to be a part of the team’s autographs. So when you see any of the 2016 Autographed team memorabilia, it’ll will be missing those two. Arrieta said he didn’t care about the money, and Maddon has a standing rule of never doing autographs” says our insider. At least they all were on the same page during Game 7.-TO