Twitter roasts Kevin Durant for his new Rolling Stone Cover

October 20, 2016 at 8:06 am by Terez in Kevin Durant

I like the way I look T..

I like the way I look T..

Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant was profiled by Rolling Stone, and went into detail about his relationship with now ex teammate Russell Westbrook. “I wasn’t even asking, ‘How do we play together?’ I was asking, ‘Where do y’all go eat, do y’all hang out together?’” These were salient questions for Durant. As close as people presumed he and Westbrook had been, they were never much more than work friends, he says. “We had our own cliques that we hung with on the road. Russell had his guys, I had mine. It was never a bad thing. Just how it was.” Most people didn’t read the article, they just made fun of Durant’s cover. This is what we do. Check em out below.-TO

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