Trey Songz Steals Shane Mosley’s Girl?

December 16, 2014 at 8:10 am by Terez in Shane Mosley

I'll knock that fool out T...

I’ll knock that fool out T…

Trey Songz is always the other guy. He was the culprit behind NFL player Jovan Belcher’s cheating rumor, and now he’s gone after another athlete’s girl. Our tipster tells us he’s been hanging with boxing legend Shane Moseley’s girlfriend Bella Gonzalez. When rumors of the affair reached Shane, Shane sent an email to Bella asking her to talk. Bella allegedly sent Shane an email, with a pic attached of her hugging Trey. Okay, I guess we know where she stands. This Trey Songz has no chill.-TO

Do I look trustworthy T?

Do I look trustworthy T?