Topps using Honest Abe instead of Barack Obama on its Baseball Cards

March 24, 2010 at 8:19 am by Terez in Barack Obama, Chicago Cubs, Milton Bradley

What, no love for me this year Terez? At least I'm alive..

Terez, It's me Abe..that Milton Bradley is a real scumbag!!

Baseball cards will have something new in someone old this season. Topps is featuring a former president with Illinois ties. Honest. The card company has edited Abe Lincoln, the rangy right-hander, onto four Cubs cards. The Lincoln cards are rare variations of cards for Milton Bradley, Tyler Colvin, Ryan Dempster and Jeff Samardzija. On former Cub Bradley’s card, Lincoln’s face is on the scoreboard. Lincoln is a base umpire on Dempster’s card, wearing a stove-pipe hat in the dugout on Colvin’s and sitting in the stands on Samardzija’s. No plans this season for Barack Obama on any cards for his team, the White Sox. Topps already has used Obama, so the company needn’t worry about asking for a presidential pardon. — Chicago Sun-Times

Just what every kid wants..a dead president’s face plastered all over his cards..and If honest Abe knew he was on Milton Bradley’s card, his dead beard would roll over in its grave. TO

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