Tom Brady to Endorse Ugg Boots

November 30, 2010 at 8:38 am by Terez in New England Patriots, Tom Brady

My son wears them why can't I?

Tom Brady should have turned down this deal sight unseen..However, money talks and apparently Tom Brady will now be walking in Ugg shoes..CEO Angel Martinez announced that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will endorse the shoes. “We have decided that we needed to just get the word out there that it’s a brand for guys,” Martinez said, “give guys permission to wear UGG. And who better to give guys permission to wear UGG than … Tom Brady.” “He’s the guy every guy I know wants to be,” Martinez said, adding that it is Brady’s “cool under pressure” quality that men want. “Guys like that.” I was always a bit curious about dudes who wear Uggs..I’ll just say this..To each his own..-TO

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