Tom Brady Subject of 968 Illegal Searches

May 7, 2009 at 11:42 am by Terez in New England Patriots, Tom Brady


Terez, you are the only one I trust...

Terez, you are the only one I trust...

 Tom Brady(notes) has been drawing a lot of attention from Massachusetts law enforcement, but not in the way you might think.  Audits of Massachusetts law enforcement officials reveal thousands of illicit criminal record searches for Brady and other state celebrities like Paul Pierce, James Taylor and Matt Damon. While Brady wasn’t mentioned by name, a state official said the New England Patriots quarterback had been the subject of 968 such database searches.

Not to trivialize Brady’s right to privacy, but seeing as how TMZ and US Weekly have provided the most minute updates about the All-Pro quarterback’s boot-wearing habits, I can’t imagine how beneficial such information was to Massachusetts police and officials. When Brady sneezes it gets reported by the tabloids, what did officials really expect to find out about him? Are they that pressed to get a leg up on their fantasy sports leagues? –YAHOO

Someone is fishing for some dirt on Brady…It’s probably Gisele, that snoopy slunt. -TO