Tom Brady Stole his Own Superbowl Jersey?

February 9, 2017 at 7:07 am by Terez in Tom Brady

Was Tom Brady’s jersey misplaced instead of stolen after the Super Bowl? Maybe someone from the trucking crew packed it in quickly? Nah, we’re hearing, and  in keep in mind, this is from a source who wishes to remain anonymous, that the plan was for Tom to keep his own jersey. Here’s what our source tells us, “Tom Brady said SCREW the NFL… y’all not putting this one in Canton, so he concocted the whole stolen jersey scenario. If you take a look at the moment he said something about the  misplaced jersey, it feels very staged, and this was intentional. He knew the cameras were rolling, and he timed it perfectly” said our source. Big if true. Brady’s performance was a record-breaking one, with Brady breaking the record for most completions by a quarterback (43) and most passing yards by a quarterback (466) in a Super Bowl. He also led the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history and picked up his record-breaking fourth Super Bowl MVP. Would you want the Hall of Fame taking that from you…Watch Tom reveal his missing jersey, and you decide for yourself.-TO