Tom Brady Being Forced to Get Hair Transplants

November 26, 2010 at 3:57 pm by Terez in New England Patriots, Tom Brady

I've told Tom that just won't work T...

Ok..I’ve heard some crazy rumors in my day..but I just received some ridiculous information regarding Tom Brady and his beloved locks..According to various reports, Gisele has forced Tom to see a hair transplant specialist to maintain Tom’s illustrious hairstyle..“Tom wants help with his thinning hair and bald spot,” a source said. “Tom parked his SUV at the rear of the Leonard Hair Transplant Association in Craston, R.I., on November 9. He spent over an hour consulting with Dr. Leonard before he slipped out the back door and drove off.” Reportedly Tom was forced by Gisele to see the hair transplant specialist..Now Tom’s recent lid makes more sense..“Gisele wants to maintain that perfect-couple image — the handsome quarterback with a head full of hair and the stunning model with her own long flowing locks.” said the source..I hope for Tom’s sake this isn’t true..-TO

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