Tim Tebow Turning Down 7-figure Endorsement Deals to Focus on Football

May 12, 2010 at 9:33 am by Terez in Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow

This tank top flys in Memphis Terez..

Tim Tebow is keeping a low profile..He’s been living with his agent Jimmy Sexton in Memphis.. “It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen,” Sexton said as word of mouth spread about the Tebow sightings. “I’ve never had a family knock on my door at 2 in the afternoon, asking me if Tim Tebow was staying in my house. I never had phone calls from so many parents with available 21-year-old daughters wanting to meet Tim. They all know he’s that good a guy and that good a player, and he has a hard time saying ‘No.’ ” Sexton and his team have been inundated with endorsement opportunities, but Timmy wants to focus on football for now..everything will work itself out later..”I’m trying to work hard and not get my mind cluttered with all that,” Tebow said. “When it gets to the point when something needs to be presented to me, I see it. Right now, it’s all ball for me.” It’s all balls for Tim..now and forever..Check out the video of Tebow practicing at a local High School in Memphis trying to be all incognito and stuff…-TO

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