Tim Tebow On A Golf Date With Man Boobs

May 7, 2009 at 9:28 am by Terez in Phil Mickelson, Tim Tebow, University of Florida

Oh Timmy, hit it harder and use your 3 wood

Oh Timmy, hit it harder and use your 9 wood

During a dream round with Phil Mickelson, a fellow lefty, Gators QB Tim Tebow tore up the Timuquana Country Club in West Jacksonville. I spoke with Robby Tebow, Tim’s brother, who said Tim shot a 10-over 82 at the par-72 course while playing with Mickelson (who shot a 6-under 66) and two other PGA Tour players whose names weren’t known. Robby said Tim usually shoots high 80s on a good day. Tim got to play with Mickelson because, well, he’s got it like that. — Orlando Sentinel

I’m sure Timmy had his pastor caddy for him and b*tch tits-TO