Tiki Barber Banned From Delivery Room

May 28, 2010 at 7:37 am by Terez in New York Giants, Tiki Barber

Terez, those were happy times..when she didn't know I was cheating on her..

Tiki Barber’s Wife on the Outs Ginny gave birth to twin girls earlier this week and reportedly had Tiki banned from the delivery room..”Tiki was at the hospital for the birth, but was not in the delivery room,” an insider said..Tiki and his estranged wife are haggling over financial settlements in their divorce..”They are still in court over money and over custody. He did see the baby girls after they were born, as Ginny understands he needs to be a huge part of their lives, and she wants to make sure they are taken care of.” Said a source. Tiki dumped his Wife mid pregnancy and began seeing 23 year old intern Tracy Johnson..What a great husband..I wonder what his parenting skills are like..-TO

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