Tiger’s College Sweetheart Speaks Out

March 3, 2010 at 1:54 pm by Terez in Tiger Woods.

I was Tiger's college cat nip T..

Tiger Woods was my boyfriend for a year and a half while we were both undergraduates at Stanford. I’ve never spoken to the press about him; I’m not coming forward now for money or to advance any pathetic showbiz aspirations, but merely to stick up for a friend. I haven’t seen Tiger since the late ’90s, but I know who he is at his core because we were together during some of his most formative years. He was so human and cared so much about other people and the world around him. This may surprise some people, but Tiger was a great boyfriend. Obviously Tiger has made some big mistakes, but he’s apologized and seems to be trying to heal himself and his family. I hope the public will forgive him because he deserves a second chance. He’s a good person with a caring heart. –Irene Folstrom via Golf.com

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