Tiger’s Caddy Believes Tiger Will Be Heckle Free

March 31, 2010 at 6:20 am by Terez in Tiger Woods

I got his back Terez..no one will hurt my Tiger..

Tiger Wood’s Caddy Steve Williams thinks his Tiger won’t get razzed or heckled during the Masters.. “Tiger doesn’t play in golf tournaments unless he believes he can win,” Steve Williams told the Times of London. “Tiger’s key strength, as we all know, is his mental strength and he is going to need it all through this period.” The people that are going to watch at Augusta are called patrons there, not spectators,” he said. “They are all golf fans and it is a very difficult tournament to get into. It is the only golf tournament in the world there is waiting list to get in to.” Those golf enthusiasts “will be very happy to see Tiger playing at Augusta where he’s been successful,” said Williams. Wishful thinking by the caddy from down under..-TO

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