Tiger Woods’ Wife Suspected of Domestic Violence

March 14, 2010 at 8:23 am by Terez in Tiger Woods.

I own Tiger..He's a big pussy Terez..

The Florida Highway Patrol released documents on Friday with detailed notes from the investigation into his post-Thanksgiving early morning crash into a tree and fire hydrant. The notes indicated that authorities refused to allow Tiger’s wife Elin to ride in the ambulance with him because they suspected the crash was part of domestic violence incident. Authorities also checked to see if Tiger was under the influence of alcohol. RadarOnline.com sources said Tiger’s reps are not happy about the release of the documents but could do nothing to stop the release. According to the documents, authorities tried to obtain blood samples and surveillance video of the incident but were denied access to both. The police also detailed that they went to Johnson’s Towing, where Tiger’s SUV was being held and observed the inside of the vehicle.  “I could find no blood in the driver compartment area,” Corporal Thomas R. Dewitt wrote in his Field Note packet. The condition of Tiger’s Cadillac Escalde was noted.  “The left rear and right rear windows were smashed inward.” Corporal Dewitt noted that Tiger was released from the hospital at 1 pm on November 27, 2009. –Radar Online

Everyone and their mother knew Elin smacked Tiger around that night..I smelled a cover up from the day the news broke. -TO


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