Tiger Woods took pain pills before crash

March 12, 2010 at 2:18 pm by Terez in Tiger Woods.

Oh no..you found out about the pills didn't you?

While waiting for an ambulance to take her unconscious husband to the hospital after he crashed his SUV, Tiger Woods’ wife handed officers two bottles of pain medicine that she said he had taken earlier in the day, according to investigative records released Friday to the Orlando Sentinel.  She also tried to ride in the ambulance to the hospital with her husband, but the crew wouldn’t let her, saying this was a case of domestic violence, the Florida Highway Patrol records show.  Those details and others were released Friday by the agency, following a Dec. 16 public records request by The Orlando Sentinel. –Tribune News Services

If you think Tiger took a lot of vicodin before the crash, just imagine how many he popped after the crash. -TO

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