Tiger Woods Joined Dozens Of Golf Fans To Search For Dustin Johnson’s Golf Ball

June 14, 2018 at 1:13 pm by Terez in Dustin Johnson, PGA, Tiger Woods., U.S. Open

An impromptu search party broke out on the par-4 sixth during Thursday’s opening round of the U.S. Open. The mission: Find Dustin Johnson’s golf ball. Even Tiger Woods joined in. When Johnson’s shot landed in the rough 10 yards off the fairway, a group of at least 30 people (a collection of U.S. Open staff and journalists) jumped in to help locate the golf ball. They started searching for the ball with their hands and feet, swiping in the general area of where the ball landed. Johnson and his caddie, though, had to be cautious in the search because if they hit the ball while looking, it would have been a one-stroke penalty. The volunteers didn’t have that same risk. The voluntary search party ultimately benefited Johnson because the person who found the ball told match officials that he stepped on it. Johnson was given a free drop. He would bogey the hole. – TO