Tiger Woods Caught Cheating on Wife

November 25, 2009 at 9:15 am by Terez in Tiger Woods

Terez, thanks for setting me up with Tiger

Terez, thanks for setting me up with Tiger

At this time, it is a rumor — unconfirmed — and suspect at that, but word of a Tiger Woods affair is spreading quickly on the Web this morning. One of the primary sites fueling the speculation is Media Take Out, which calls it an “explosive rumor,” though carefully notes “allegedly cheating” in the headline.Media Take Out writes, “MediaTakeOut.com just got its hands on this week’s National Enquirer and it is EXPLOSIVE!!! According to them, Tiger Woods is CHEATING with the below woman, named Rachel Uchitel.”The rumor has since found its way to various blogs, Web sites and tweets such as this one, but again it is completely unconfirmed and highly suspect. –Huffington Post

Maybe Tiger’s shit does stink..but his father did teach him how to play on all kinds of turf no matter where the hole was placed. -TO

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