Tiger and A-Rod on deck to talk with Feds

March 1, 2010 at 11:38 am by Terez in A-Rod, New York Yankees, Tiger Woods.

I cheated with Steroids and he cheated on Elin Terez..

Tiger Woods and Alex Rodriguez may be on deck to sit with Federal investigators about a Canadian doctor accused of drug violations. the agents have indicated that they will continue talking to other athletes about a Toronto sports medicine doctor named Tony Galea, and may issue subpoaenas for the grand jury investigating Galea. Galea faces charges in Canada of conspiring to smuggle HGH and the drug Actovegin into the U.S., conspiracy to smuggle prohibited goods into Canada, unlawfully selling Actovegin and smuggling goods into Canada in violation of the Customs Act. –NY Daily News

This is really the who’s who of cheaters. -TO

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