Things Getting NASTY Between ESPN and Accuser After Text Messages Released

December 15, 2017 at 8:31 am by Terez in ESPN

ESPN has released text exchanges between former employee Adrienne Lawrence and “SportsCenter” anchor John Buccigross, who was the center of the Boston Globe’s expository piece. Lawrence released a statement after the text messages were released. “As for ESPN’s recent behavior, its decisions to (i) single me out, (ii) ignore my key allegations, which ESPN knows are far broader than text messages and photos, and then (iii) release select, self-serving text messages, only further evidences the culture of this network and the lengths it will go and the unethical means it will employ to try and silence women,” she said in part. 2017 for ESPN was brutal, the bad PR keeps coming, and this certainly can’t help their cause. Check out the text messages below.-TO