There’s Another Reason Kyrie Irving Allegedly Wants out of Cleveland

July 22, 2017 at 9:22 am by Terez in Kyrie Irving, Lebron James

Many are still speculating over what the real reason is behind Kyrie Irving wanting out of Cleveland. The timing is strange, and no one saw the signs coming, not even LeBron, as the media claims. Our story is LeBron knew this was gong to happen. This reason may make sense if you believe our source, who tells us, “Word is Kyrie wants a trade because LeBron banged his girl, it’s all hush hush right now, but Kryie is over LeBron, and really wants nothing to do with him at this point” says our source. This definitely sounds plausible, and we know there have always been rumors about LeBron’s exploits with women not named Savannah. These two were definitely pretty tight at one time, so to see this premature breakup is definitely making people scratch their heads. LeBron also says he’s not intervening, and will let the front office deal with it, doesn’t sound very LeBron like at all. This has to be it.-TO