The Truth Revealed about Derek Jeter Minka Kelly Split and Cover UP

January 2, 2012 at 9:12 am by Terez in Derek Jeter, New York Yankees

Man you got all the details T...

Derek Jeter is one sly dog…The future Hall of Famer’s off the field exploits have been well documented…He likes women, and often wants to have more than one girlfriend at a time…Sometimes he even gets caught…Allegedly the split between Jeter and Minka Kelly was a complete sham — Here’s the scoop from a source close to Jeter, “Derek, got busted cheating back in June. It was going to go public but the New York Post held up the story because they didn’t want to be iced from the 3000 hit thing. So, he, Minka and their peeps came up with the break up BS. They cooled down because Minka was pissed that he got busted publicly. She’s fine with the extras, she’s all about the money. People think she’s all sweet and innocent. No. She’s not disgusting, but she’s def a rich, dumb, bro lover. So the Post was going to release the gift basket story, so Derek who was invited to do the USO tour has them give it to Minka so the story is released the day she leaves because she doesn’t want to deal so its off set with her pretending to be concerned for the troops. I sh*t you not. Derek gave her the Paris trip as an Xmas gift. Him meeting her there was planned, he didn’t follow her, no reason for him to kiss her ass, she wants to keep him. They’ve been together the whole time and never actually split.” This isn’t surprising, Jeter holds a ton of sway with the New York media….Very interesting that a paper would go to such great lengths to cover something up….For more details continue reading. -TO

Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly Kicking it in Paris

Derek Jeter Sleeps While Two Girls Chug Vodka

“Derek, is a truly stupid and sheltered man. He wouldn’t know a ho unless she was as obvious as Paris Hilton. Minka is very shrewd, but she is indeed a golddigging ho. The brother can’t do better and there is a lot of better out there. But he could do worse, and sadly that’s how his family is looking at it. Besides, his mother is thrilled that Minka is white, strange since she’s married to a black man and has a black daughter, but she’s all about the white girls when it comes to Derek. She also likes that Minka has a small family, so there’s sharing Derek. Nice but weird woman Mrs. Jeter is.”