The Nike Basketball Elite Series Hero Collection

March 25, 2014 at 9:56 am by Terez in Nike


Fictional heroes take on superhuman characteristics in comics, films, books and television. From speed, strength, vision and intellect, these heroes rise to the challenge when the pressure’s greatest. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant are real-life heroes that electrify the basketball universe.  The Nike Basketball Elite Series Hero Collection represents the best for the best: footwear designed to the superhuman specifications of James, Bryant and Durant. The Nike Basketball Elite Series Hero Collection is available May 9th at and select retail locations globally. To SEE MORE PICS continue reading.-TO

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KDVI_EliteUnleashed_300_3qtr_16949_FB_large KDVI_EliteUnleashed_300_profile_16849_FB_large KDVI_Elite_Unleashed_300_17328_FB_large KDVI_Elite_Unleashed_300_3qtr_back_low_0225_FB_large KDVI_Elite_Unleashed_300_front_0086_FB_large Kobe9_Unleashed_005_3qtr_16891_FB_large Kobe9_Unleashed_005_profile_16807_FB_large Kobe_9_Unleashed_005_3qtr_back_high_0245_FB_large Kobe9_Unleashed_005_outsole_16984_FB_large

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