The Lingerie Football League officially turns 3 years old

September 5, 2012 at 7:14 am by Terez in Lingerie Football League

We're growing bigger by the day T...

What started as simply as Super Bowl halftime counter-programming special in 2004 which drew millions of viewers as well as seven-figure blue-chip advertisers has now become the ‘Fastest Growing Sports League in the US according to BusinessWeek. The Lingerie Football League officially turns 3 years old, since kicking-off in Sept. 2009, sports’ best untold story both on and off-the-field has achieved some incredible milestones in a very short period of time. To check out how the LFL  stacks up continue reading. -TO

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 – Highest-rated LIVE Sports series in history of MTV Networks.- First-ever women’s Sport to have acquired a national TV contract (paying license fee) in only its 2nd year.

    – Drawn 2nd in Primetime TV ratings.
– First-ever women’s Sport in the history of women’s Sports to have been awarded a Video Game deal.
– Out-pacing both UFC and WWE in national TV viewership, attendance, international TV distribution and growth through each of the noted sports properties first 3yrs. of operation.- Drawn sell-out crowds in the US and crowds of nearly 17,000 internationally.

– International debut in shorter period of time than both UFC and WWE.

– Produced over 80 games.
    – Launched first international league with LFL Canada with LFL Australia (2013), LFL Europa (2014) and LFL Americas (2016) to follow.What will the next three years bring the most note-worthy women’s league in the world?