The Gloria James/Delonte West Saga Continues

May 26, 2010 at 2:19 pm by Terez in Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron James

I need a Witness Terez..

Last time I posted a story about the Gloria James Delonte West hookup rumor,  I implored other news outlets and individuals  to advance the story..Well, right when the story was dying down comes Bar Stool Sports New York who posted the following. ” Word on the street is that after game three, Lebron went out with Jay Z and Beyonce, and LBJ left his mother at the hotel. Delonte West apparently doesn’t go out with the team, since when he is let out of his cage he carries machine guns and sh*t and is a total fu*kin maniac. So fast forward to later that nite at like 3:30am. LBJ goes up to his mom’s hotel room to give her some left overs and check on her, and Delonte West answers the door in a towel. Supposedly a bunch of other players on the team saw it as well” Something happened that night that possibly changed the course of history forever..and this rumor is really looking more and more like there’s some truth behind it as I previously reported.. -TO

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