Texas Rangers Fan Says The Wrong Thing

April 6, 2011 at 7:44 am by Terez in Terez T.V., Texas Rangers

Guys awkward response to a question about fans upcoming wedding in an interview with Jon Knox. “worst day of my life????” So Matt probably had a few too many or he’s just a big dumb guy.. I’m gonna go with all the above.. Lets see if the wedding is still on after this hits the interweb. To read the entire transcript continue reading. -TO

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KNOX: You guys are getting married at the ballpark tomorrow morning. Matt, how does it feel?
MATT: Uh, it’s gonna be the worst day of my life.
KNOX: Really? Wow, uh, you’re gonna get some good remarks [sic?] for that one. Why the ballpark, Taylor?
TAYLOR: This is actually my first time here, and we’re really huge sports fans, so we decided this couldn’t be a better place.
MATT grabs KNOX and some dudes of various ages all around him.
MATT: And these are my group [sic], right here are my boys.
KNOX: Maybe not after tonight, but here’s the shirt, here’s the hat. Congratulations. Progressive Fan of the Game. Way to go, Matt. Way to go, Taylor.