Texas high School Basketball Star Turns out to be 22 Years Old

May 12, 2010 at 9:13 am by Terez in Jerry Joseph

Terez, I had to shave every 2 hours to keep it up man..it wasn't easy..

According to police, Guerdwich Montimere enrolled at Permian High school in Odessa, Texas, claiming to be 16-year-old Jerry Joseph. Pretending to be homeless, he was taken in by the school’s basketball coach, Danny Wright, and lived at the coach’s house..but last month, Montimere was recognized at a basketball tournament by coaches from Florida for whom he played years ago. The dude got seriously busted.. Montimere was arrested at Permian High on Tuesday and booked into Ector County jail on a charge of presenting false identification to a police officer…and its safe to say his basketball career is over..he had a good run though..actually two good runs. -TO

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