Terrell Owens is the Next Ron Burgundy

May 21, 2009 at 10:30 am by Terez in Buffalo Bills, Terrell Owens

Buffalo’s newest resident made a trip to Channel 7 today, and was greeted by Station Manager Bill Ransom. He then sat down for an interview. “I was really looking forward to practice this morning, and it went well,” said Owens.Owens is not traveling lightly. Camera crews from VH1 are with him, as the network shoots a reality show about the athlete.”There is a lot of set up you have to do and clearing locations, but Terrell, it is always run and gun and make sure you are there,” said executive producer Jesse Ignjatovic. Owens was running and gunning during his hour and a half here today, trying his hand at sportscasting. “I think down the road he could be a really great sportscaster if not newscaster, so this gives him an opportunity to kind of brush up up his tape skills so thanks to Channel 7 for letting us do it,” said VH1 President Tom Calderone.”I definitely got some footage,” said a smiling Owens. But in order to get to know TO, you need to know Kita Williams. A close friend and publicist, she is helping him navigate through life, on the show. “The one thing I am hoping for is that we can find him a wife,” said Willams –WKBW

Terrell is getting his anchorman on… Stay classy Buffalo.  -TO