Teamates Pissed at JJ Redick Over Racist Emails

February 25, 2014 at 7:58 am by Terez in JJ Redick, Los Angeles Clippers

You're killing me T....

You’re killing me T….

JJ Redick’s racist email have rubbed some of his teammates the wrong way. Here’s the scoop from our insider with the Clippers, “I work for the LA Clippers and we spoke a few months back about JJ Redick and his “abortion contract” fiasco. You recently released an email allegedly from Vanessa Lopez, in which JJ Redick and his fam made racist comments to her. Well after that report a few players expressed their concern to Coach Rivers and they are not happy with Redick” Can’t blame the guys for being upset. Is it a coincidence he’s out indefinitely with a back injury.-TO

Redick Had an Abortion Contract ?

Redick May Be Aborted by the Clippers?