Teacher Has Photos with 6,000 celebrities including Tiger,O.J. and Tyson

May 4, 2010 at 9:06 am by Terez in Lance Armstong, Mike Tyson

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Frank Martin has a great line that works..”Excuse me, can I get a quick snapshot, please?” Martin, a substitute teacher who lives in Tennessee has over 6,000 pictures with famous people…some of them being extremely famous athletes including Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson and Reggie Jackson.. “My collection is made up of a Who’s Who of Americana,” he says, “From Liberace to Snoop Dogg, from Barbara Streisand to Kid Rock to Lil’ Wayne. I have rappers, heavy metalers, symphony and opera stars. I have a thousand major musicians, and just as many athletes, movie actors, television actors, politicians.” Martin even had some run ins throughout the years..”And Reggie Jackson,” said  Martin, “yelled at me, too. (I got the picture, though.) And so did Bob Uecker. I walked up to Uecker while he was standing in line to check in to a hotel. He just yelled and yelled about he couldn’t get any peace anywhere, and a part of me wanted to tell him, ‘Look, Slick, you ain’t Elvis,’ but I didn’t. Sounds like a full time job..no wonder he was a substitute..-TO

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