Study Shows HGH Does Boost Athletic Performance

May 3, 2010 at 4:50 pm by Terez in Barry Bonds

Oh found out about the study didn't you Terez..

A new study shows Human growth hormone (HGH) , a substance frequently talked about in sports doping scandals, does seem to boost athletic performance..According to the study  Australian researchers gave 96 non-professional athletes aged 18 to 40 injections of either HGH or a saline placebo. Participants included 63 men and 33 women. About half of the male participants also received a second injection of testosterone or placebo..After eight weeks, men and women given HGH injections sprinted faster on a bicycle and had reduced fat mass and more lean body mass.  “For athletes, it is sufficient to make a very significant difference in terms of winning or losing a competition,” Rabin said. “It’s the difference between being the winner and the last one in the finals.” You don’t need a study to prove steroids work..When a dude hits 70 home runs you know something ain’t kosher..-TO

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