Strippers Welcome NFL draft to NYC

May 7, 2014 at 8:24 am by Terez in Main

Tell Johnny Football we're waiting for him T...

Tell Johnny Football to drop by T…

Vivid Cabaret NYC strippers want to welcome football draft prospects to town, and they’re even promising first round selections a night they’ll never forget.  “What better way to celebrate than to be surrounded by dozens of sexy young topless girls in our super private VIP Ultra Lounge,” purred Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Bambi. “Are you listening Johnny Manziel?” Vivid Cabaret NYC opened during Super Bowl Week and the club was packed with football players. “This is where the big boys come to party,” explained Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Rebeka. “We say, welcome to the big leagues, and if you want to learn how to party like the big dogs, you have to check out Vivid Cabaret.””We promise to give all first round picks a night they will never forget,” cooed Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Paige. “In the beginning you can make it rain on us with stacks of singles. But here’s to hoping that on your second contract you will use stacks of hundreds!” These girls love their football.-TO

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