Stevie Johnson Blames God For Dropped Ball

November 29, 2010 at 8:25 am by Terez in Buffalo Bills, Steve Johnson, Stevie Johnson

Now this is serious Terez..

Steve Johnson of the Buffalo Bills reacts after dropping a pass in the end zone during overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Ralph Wilson Stadium..Steve basically lost the game for the Bills..and who do you think he turned on the minute his hands let him down..God..Steve Tweets..”I PRAISE YOU 24/7!!!!!! AND THIS HOW YOU DO ME!!!!! YOU EXPECT ME TO LEARN FROM THIS??? HOW???!!! ILL NEVER FORGET THIS!! EVER!!! THX THO…” Them sound like fighting words..Steve Johnson is having a breakout season..but you don’t make Pro Bowls by spiting the man upstairs..-TO

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