Steroid Talk Barred From Baseball Breakup

April 6, 2011 at 8:52 am by Terez in San Diego Padres

No needle pricks in this courtroom T..

When you think of Major League Baseball and it’s players, you instantly are reminded of performance enhancing drugs and its rampant use throughout the years…Brian Giles is in the middle of a nasty split with his former fiance and the judge has barred any steroid talk from entering the courtroom…The San Diego Superior Court judge has ruled that any evidence of alleged steroid use by former Padres outfielder Brian Giles should be excluded from his ongoing palimony trial against his former fiance…Giles attorney made the request worrying that Giles’ ex-fiance, Cheri Olvera, “will apparently attempt to prove Giles’ use of Adderrall (an amphetamine) and anabolic steroids, and the side effects of using these drugs, made him mentally or physically predisposed to anger or violence.” I for one think this should be included, considering it affected his mood and behavior…The guy went from hitting 16 Home Runs to 39 in one season…Yea, it’s safe to say he cheated. -TO

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